At a press briefing today, executives from Twitter outlined policy changes that’ll affect the social network’s over 330 million users in the months to come. Twitter product lead Kayvon Beykpour focused on three core tenets in his presentation: Health, conversations, and interest. From a report: “Public conversation is only valuable if it’s healthy enough that people would want to participate in the first place,” he said. “[We need to] ensure the integrity of the information that people are consuming on the platform is high.” On the conversations side of the equation, Twitter plans to take different parts of conversations and stick them in a sleeker, slicker global view. It’ll pull out pieces like users’ names, their verified statuses, and more within tweet details in a Reddit-style tree layout, making it easier to follow threads. Perhaps more significantly, Twitter intends to roll out controls over conversation dynamics, which in the coming year will allow users to choose who’s able to reply to a given tweet: (1) Anyone on Twitter, (2) a group of people you follow and mention, (3) people you know, or (3) no one. Twitter calls this last option a “statement,” and they’ll be denoted by an icon in the lower right corner indicating that the tweet can’t be replied to.

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