Former Slashdot contributor Nick Kolakowski is now a senior editor at Dice Insights, where he’s just published a list of the top programming skills employers were looking for during the last 30 days. If you’re a software developer on the hunt for a new gig (or you’re merely curious about what programming skills employers are looking for these days), one thing is clear: employers really, really, really want technologists who know how to build, maintain, and scale everything database- (and data-) related. We’ve come to that conclusion after analyzing data about programming skills from Burning Glass, which collects and organizes millions of job postings from across the country. The biggest takeaway? “When it comes to programming skills, employers are hungriest for SQL.” Here’s their ranking of the top most in-demand skills: SQLJava”Software development””Software engineering”PythonJavaScriptLinuxOracleC#Git
The list actually includes the top 18 programming skills, but besides languages like C++ and .NET, it also includes more generalized skills like “Agile development,” “debugging,” and “Unix.” But Nick concludes that “As a developer, if you’ve mastered database and data-analytics skills, that makes you insanely valuable to a whole range of companies out there.”

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