Huawei smartphones BLA-A09 versions,versions earlier than,versions earlier than;BLA-TL00B versions earlier than;Berkeley-L09 versions earlier than,versions earlier than,Versions earlier than,Versions earlier than;Duke-L09 versions Duke-L09C10B187, versions Duke-L09C432B189, versions Duke-L09C636B189;HUAWEI P20 versions earlier than;HUAWEI P20 Pro versions earlier than;Jimmy-AL00A versions earlier than Jimmy-AL00AC00B172;LON-L29D versions LON-L29DC721B192;NEO-AL00D versions earlier than;Stanford-AL00 versions Stanford-AL00C00B123;Toronto-AL00 versions earlier than Toronto-AL00AC00B225;Toronto-AL00A versions earlier than Toronto-AL00AC00B225;Toronto-TL10 versions earlier than Toronto-TL10C01B225 have an information vulnerability. A module has a design error that is lack of control of input. Attackers can exploit this vulnerab Read more