Adweek has published an article titled “What to Expect: How a Biden Administration Would Tackle Tech Policy.” Some of the highlights: Industry observers have told us they don’t expect a change-of-guard to upend the Google lawsuit brought by the Justice Department in concert with 11 state attorneys general over the company’s search advertising hegemony. Indeed, we could see a spate of antitrust activity brought to bear on Big Tech during a Biden presidency… “Regardless of who wins the presidential election, antitrust enforcement against Big Tech will continue,” said Sally Hubbard, director of enforcement strategy at liberal think tank the Open Markets Institute…. “Biden will take a…tough position on infrastructure companies like Huawei,” said Alec Stapp, director of technology policy at the liberal Progressive Policy Institute, but is “less likely to come down hard on consumer apps like TikTok.” He expects Biden to talk tough on China, “but with fewer unilateral tariffs and more cooperation from international allies.”

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