Microsoft has trumpeted the release of Xbox Series X and S as its biggest Xbox launch ever, though not provided any specific sales figures. From a report: Xbox boss Phil Spencer broke the news on Twitter today, noting that “more Xbox consoles had been sold, in more countries, than ever before” and that many more were on the way. Xbox Series X/S are sold out in many places, making this – like many console launches — simply a matter of how many console boxes Microsoft can inject into retailers to sell on launch day. The mention of more countries this time around is also important. Xbox Series S/X arrived on the same day in 37 markets, compared to just 13 for the Xbox One. Still, as video games analyst Daniel Ahmad points out, any total now the largest ever for Xbox means it was higher than the 1m units Microsoft managed at the Xbox One’s launch — which is no mean feat in the middle of a pandemic.

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