Mozilla today launched Firefox 83 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. An anonymous reader shares a report: Firefox 83’s highlight feature is HTTPS-Only Mode, in which the browser attempts to establish fully secure connections to every website (just like the EFF’s HTTPS Everywhere). If it can’t, Firefox asks for your permission before connecting to a website that doesn’t support secure connections. To enable HTTPS-Only Mode, click on Firefox’s menu button, hit Preferences, then Privacy & Security, scroll down to HTTPS-Only Mode, and choose “Enable HTTPS-Only Mode in all windows.” […] Firefox 83 also brings performance improvements (improved page load performance by up to 15%, page responsiveness by up to 12%, and reduced memory usage by up to 8%). Firefox 83 is also the penultimate version of the web browser that will run Flash software; Firefox 85 will completely disable it when it arrives on Jan. 12, 2021.

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