An anonymous reader shares a report: Marissa Mayer shoves her iPhone toward her MacBook’s webcam until it overwhelms the screen on the Google Meet video call we are sharing. “I admire Apple,” she declares. “They are the best at what they do. But the fact that the biggest and most successful company on Earth by some measures — and certainly the best at design, bar none — thinks that when you meet someone new, that this is an ideal interface is mind-blowing. It’s like bad nerd humor.” What Mayer is critiquing is the New Contact feature in iOS’s Contacts app — an exceedingly generic screen with fields for you to type first and last names, phone numbers, and other information. It’s not uniquely uninspired. Actually, it’s comparable to Google’s equivalent on an Android phone — and reminiscent of nearly every other piece of software for managing contacts we’ve seen throughout the history of smartphones and PCs. […] Now Mayer is back in the product business — and as you may have already guessed, she thinks she has a better way to wrangle contacts. That would be Sunshine Contacts, the new iPhone app (Android is in the works) from her latest company, Sunshine. If you’ve previously heard of the largely stealthy startup, it was under the name Lumi Labs, which Mayer, its CEO, says was a placeholder all along. The app is launching as an invite-only closed beta; you can download it from the App Store and sign up for an alert when it’s ready to let you in. Joining Mayer as cofounder and president is Enrique Munoz Torres, whose entire career has been intertwined with hers. An MIT senior when Mayer hired him as a Google associate product manager in 2004, he left that company in 2013 to join her at Yahoo, where he eventually led the advertising and search businesses. Though both Mayer and Munoz Torres have copious experience creating and ramping up successful products, they are first-time founders. Their company currently has about 20 employees, making it the same size as Google was when Mayer joined it.

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