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AA20-006A: Potential for Iranian Cyber Response to U.S. Military Strike in Baghdad

Original release date: January 6, 2020SummaryThe Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is sharing the following information with the cybersecurity community as a primer for assisting in the protection...

2020 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch

Mobile becomes a prime phishing attack vector, hackers will increasingly employ machine learning in attacks and cloud will increasingly be seen as fertile ground for compromise. Read more

It’s Time for Your SOC to Level Up

Artificial intelligence can provide manpower, context and risk assessment. Read more

Cyberattack Downs Pensacola’s City Systems

The cyberattack comes days after a shooting at U.S. military base Naval Air Station Pensacola rocked the city. Read more

ThreatList: 90% of SMBs Believe Nation-State Actors Are Targeting Them

Larger SMBs are more likely to feel targeted by APTs. Read more

Iran Targets Mideast Oil with ZeroCleare Wiper Malware

Likely the work of APT34, ZeroCleare is bent on destruction and disruption, rather than information-stealing. Read more

NYPD Fingerprint Database Taken Offline to Thwart Ransomware

The malware was introduced to the police network via a contractor who was installing a digital display. Read more

ThreatList: Admin Rights for Third Parties is the Norm

The majority give outside partners, contractors and suppliers administrative access -- without strong security policies in place. Read more

Google’s Plan to Crunch Health Data on Millions of Patients Draws Fire

"Project Nightingale" is fully HIPAA-compliant, according to Google -- but researchers said they see big red flags for consumer data privacy. Read more

Plugging the Data Leak in Manufacturing

IIoT-generated data – calibrations, measurements and other parameters – still need to be stored, managed and shared securely. Read more

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Framework Developer ‘Ragequits’ Open Source Community, Citing Negative Comments, ‘Very Few Provide Help’

The maintainer of the popular Rust web framework Actix has quit the project -- though he's backed off threats to make its code private...

EFF Defends Bruce Perens Victory Against ‘Open Source Security’ in Appeals Court

Bruce Perens (Slashdot reader #3872) co-founded the Open Source Initiative with Eric Raymond in 1998. (And then left it this January 2nd.) But in...

Realtek SDK Information Disclosure / Code Execution

Realtek SDK based routers suffer from information disclosure, incorrect access control, insecure password storage, code execution, and incorrectly implemented CAPTCHA vulnerabilities. Read more