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AG Barr, Officials to Facebook: Don’t Encrypt Messaging

Officials say they are concerned about their ability to fight crime and protect citizens, while privacy advocates remain critical of government interference Read more

Telegram fixes ‘unsend message’ bug that held on to your pictures

A security researcher uncovered a flaw in Telegram's 'unsend message' feature. Read more

XKCD forums breached

How did the Correct Horse Battery get Stapled? Read more

Dangerous Cryptomining Worm Racks Up 850K Infections, Self-Destructs

Law enforcement takedown causes Retadup malware to eat itself. Read more

Parents, it’s time to delete Pet Chat from your child’s LeapPad

LeapFrog has done lots to fix the security of the LeapPad. Now all that's left is for parents to scrape Pet Chat off of older tablets. Read more

Cryptolocking WordPress Plugin Locks Up Blog Posts

A new type of malicious plugin has been spotted in the wild with the capability of targeting individual blog posts. Read more

Five Eyes nations demand access to encrypted messaging

The alliance wants tech companies to build backdoor access to users’ encrypted data, by force if necessary. Read more

PGP Ecosystem Targeted in ‘Poisoning’ Attacks

Two researchers are being singled out in what are called PGP poisoning or flood attacks that render the authentication tool unusable for victims. Read more

Why are they “smart” locks if more money buys you less security?

Smart locks are cool and useful - but they are also a great reminder that cybersecurity is all about value, not cost. Read more

Facebook should put a stop to Libra for now, says Congress

Could Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency undermine the security of the global financial ecosystem? Read more

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Two men busted for hijacking victims’ phones and email accounts

Prosecutors allege that Meiggs and Harrington took over their targets' mobile phone and email accounts via SIM-swapping. Read more

Leaked Russian Interference Report Raises Questions About Brexit, UK Election Security

A report from the U.K. Parliament's intelligence committee concludes that "Russian interference may have had an impact on the Brexit referendum," reports the Times...

Lessons From the Cyberattack On India’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant

Dan Drollette shares an article by two staffers at the Center for Global Security Research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory from The Bulletin of...