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Amazon Prime Video Gives Amateur How-To’s, Conspiracy Theories a Stage

Streaming service touts its large collection of titles, but a majority are uploads -- and questionable films are in the mix . From a report: When Walter Wilson, a...

Google and Apple clash over browser privacy

Google engineers said a tool Apple Inc. developed to help users avoid web tracking is fundamentally flawed and creates more problems than it solves. Read more

Microsoft exposed 250 million customer records

Microsoft has confirmed that it suffered a database error that left about 250 million customer service and support records exposed to anyone with a web browser. Read more

How to prep for Windows 7, Server 2008 end of life

Still running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008? Take these steps to minimize your risk. Read more

Are We Secure Yet? How to Build a ‘Post-Breach’ Culture

There are many ways to improve your organization's cybersecurity practices, but the most important principle is to start from the top. Read more

NBC’s New Peacock Streaming Service Is Just One Big Ad-Injection Machine

Comcast's NBCUniversal is launching a new streaming service in April called Peacock. With three pricing tiers from free to $10 per month, Comcast wants Peacock "to be an ad...

Toshiba Touts Algorithm That’s Faster Than a Supercomputer

It's a tantalizing prospect for traders whose success often hinges on microseconds: a desktop PC algorithm that crunches market data faster than today's most advanced supercomputers. Japan's Toshiba says...

EDRi’s guidelines call for more ethical websites

Recommendations cover areas including security and privacy while listing alternatives to free online services that slurp your users' data. Read more

Critical WordPress plugin flaw affects 320,000 websites

Two popular WordPress plugins contain major security flaws that left about 320,000 websites open to exploit. Read more

With International Tensions Flaring, Cyber-Risk Is Heating Up for All Businesses

Risks of nation-state attacks go beyond Iran, and the need for awareness and security don't stop at any national border. Read more

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Framework Developer ‘Ragequits’ Open Source Community, Citing Negative Comments, ‘Very Few Provide Help’

The maintainer of the popular Rust web framework Actix has quit the project -- though he's backed off threats to make its code private...

EFF Defends Bruce Perens Victory Against ‘Open Source Security’ in Appeals Court

Bruce Perens (Slashdot reader #3872) co-founded the Open Source Initiative with Eric Raymond in 1998. (And then left it this January 2nd.) But in...

Realtek SDK Information Disclosure / Code Execution

Realtek SDK based routers suffer from information disclosure, incorrect access control, insecure password storage, code execution, and incorrectly implemented CAPTCHA vulnerabilities. Read more