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How Does Your Cyber Resilience Measure Up?

The security measures companies take today may not be enough for tomorrow's cyber assault, but switching to a proactive, risk-based framework may better protect your organization. Read more

ENFUSE 2019: Security Regulations, Insider Threats, and IoT Privacy Risks

Threatpost sits down with incident response expert Kevin Golas to discuss the top takeaways of ENFUSE 2019 this week. Read more

Researchers Find New Approach to Attacking Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud APIs' accessibility over the Internet opens a new window for adversaries to gain highly privileged access to cloud assets. Read more

Ransomware Attack Downs Hosting Service SmarterASP.NET

SmarterASP.NET said that it is in the middle of recovering accounts downed by the ransomware attack. Read more

Big WhatsApp dating scam based in Cape Town

A scam using WhatsApp, Facebook, and other online platforms is turning Cape Town into an international cybercrime capital. Read more

Google’s plan to crack down on Play Store malware

Google has announced a partnership with three antivirus firms which will see the four entities working together to increase the security of the Google Play Store. Read more

Understanding the Ripple Effect: Large Enterprise Data Breaches Threaten Everyone

Fallout from giants at the top is one of the largest drivers of cyber-impacts on everyday people and companies. Read more

NSA Is Latest Intelligence Agency to Sound VPN Patch Alarm

Not Just Patch or Perish, But Also Pay Attention, Security Experts WarnThe U.S. National Security Agency is the latest intelligence agency to warn that unpatched flaws in three vendors'...

Art Imitates Life: Lessons from the Final Season of Mr. Robot

Unlike Elliot, real-world adversaries don’t have lofty ideals nor do they suffer crises of conscience. Read more

Pwn2Own Tokyo Roundup: Amazon Echo, Routers, Smart TVs Fall to Hackers

The latest edition of the bi-annual hacking contest saw creative exploits in new device categories. Read more

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Two men busted for hijacking victims’ phones and email accounts

Prosecutors allege that Meiggs and Harrington took over their targets' mobile phone and email accounts via SIM-swapping. Read more

Leaked Russian Interference Report Raises Questions About Brexit, UK Election Security

A report from the U.K. Parliament's intelligence committee concludes that "Russian interference may have had an impact on the Brexit referendum," reports the Times...

Lessons From the Cyberattack On India’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant

Dan Drollette shares an article by two staffers at the Center for Global Security Research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory from The Bulletin of...