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1,187 confirmed coronavirus cases in South Africa

The Department of Health said the low daily increase does not indicate a reduction in the number of infections. It is merely a reflection of positive results that were...

Big increase in coronavirus recoveries in South Africa

The number of South Africans who have recovered after being infected with the coronavirus has shown a big increase over the last day. Read more

Demystifying FBI Notes on Cyber Attacks Involving Multi-Factor Authentication

Hackers are Looking for Every Opportunity to Bypass Security Measures, and MFA is no Exception.Hackers are looking for every opportunity to bypass security measures, and MFA is no exception....

Watch – Business as usual in Alexandra township with big crowds and no social...

It is business as usual in Alexandra with long queues, people on the streets, and no social distancing - despite the national lockdown which kicked in this morning. Read...

The government wants to track smartphones to fight the spread of the coronavirus

Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams said the right of individuals should not be protected at the expense of the rights of the country. Read more

21-day lockdown is here – People arrested for breaking the rules

Several people have been arrested for breaching the restrictions of the 21-day lockdown in South Africa. Read more

As Zoom Booms, Incidents of ‘ZoomBombing’ Become a Growing Nuisance

Numerous instances of online conferences being disrupted by pornographic images, hate speech or even threats can be mitigated using some platform tools. Read more

Chinese Hackers Exploit Cisco, Citrix Flaws in Massive Espionage Campaign

Researchers say that APT41's exploits are part of one of the broadest espionage campaigns they've seen from a Chinese-linked actor "in recent years." Read more

TrickBot App Bypasses Non-SMS Banking 2FA

TrickBot victims are being fooled into downloading an app that records their screens - stealing non-SMS 2FA passcodes for banking websites. Read more

Hackers target World Health Organisation amid coronavirus pandemic

World Health Organisation (WHO) Chief Information Security Officer Flavio Aggio has confirmed that hackers attempted to break into the organisation earlier this month. Read more

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Coronavirus: Could Etsy Help Save the World?

Long-time Slashdot reader theodp writes: With the CDC now recommending wearing cloth face coverings in public settings, Etsy has called in the cavalry, encouraging...

Conflux Network mainnet to launch

Unlike most of its peers, Conflux designed a three-phase launch plan to roll out the functionalities and features step-by-step.Read more

Overcome the challenges of protecting and managing a remote workforce with Panda Security

The Webinars will explore the challenges of protecting and managing a remote workforce.Read more