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Emerging APT Mounts Mass iPhone Surveillance Campaign

The malware, the work of a new APT called TwoSail Junk, allows deep surveillance and total control over iOS devices. Read more

Tokyo Olympics Postponed, But 5G Security Lessons Shine

Threatpost Senior Editor Tara Seals is joined by Russ Mohr, engineer and Apple evangelist at MobileIron along with Jerry Ray, COO at SecureAge, for a discussion about the now...

TrickBot App Bypasses Non-SMS Banking 2FA

TrickBot victims are being fooled into downloading an app that records their screens - stealing non-SMS 2FA passcodes for banking websites. Read more

Covid-19 Privacy Poll: Phone Tracking, Public Health and Surveillance

Is sacrificing your personal privacy worth flattening the coronavirus infection curve? Weigh in on our Threatpost poll. Read more

News Wrap, Coronavirus Edition: WFH Security Woes, Pwn2Own

Threatpost editors discuss this week's top news stories from COVID-19 themed malware attacks to Pwn2Own updates. Read more

Authorities Eye Using Mobile Phone Tracking COVID-19’s Spread

Privacy advocates advise caution when tracking the movements of patients or those infected with the new coronavirus, as an effort to minimize the pandemic’s effect. Read more

A COVID-19 Cybersecurity Poll: Securing a Remote Workforce

COVID-19 is changing how we work. Weigh in on how your organization is securing its remote footprint with our short Threatpost poll. Read more

Working from Home: COVID-19’s Constellation of Security Challenges

Organizations are sending employees and students home to work and learn -- but implementing the plan opens the door to more attacks, IT headaches and brand-new security challenges. Read...

Firefox Bug Opens iPhone AirPods to Third-Party Snooping

Mozilla Foundation snuffs out bugs with the introduction of Firefox 74 and ESR 68.6. Read more

MediaTek Bug Actively Exploited, Affects Millions of Android Devices

An exploit published by a developer is easy to use and has already been used to build malicious apps that gain root access on Android devices. Read more

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Coronavirus: Could Etsy Help Save the World?

Long-time Slashdot reader theodp writes: With the CDC now recommending wearing cloth face coverings in public settings, Etsy has called in the cavalry, encouraging...

Conflux Network mainnet to launch

Unlike most of its peers, Conflux designed a three-phase launch plan to roll out the functionalities and features step-by-step.Read more

Overcome the challenges of protecting and managing a remote workforce with Panda Security

The Webinars will explore the challenges of protecting and managing a remote workforce.Read more